In Which Recipes Can You Use Hemp Seeds?

Many people are already fully well aware of all of the benefits that can be gained from eating hemp seeds. These tiny super foods are an amazing way to get a healthy amount of Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils, antioxidants, tons of various vitamins and minerals, as well as, a hearty amount of protein. Though it may not be a surprise to any of you just how healthy these seeds are, what you may not know is how you can use these hemp seeds in your everyday foods.

Add it to your yogurt.

Adding a teaspoon of hemp seeds to your cup of yogurt will power pack it with protein and a ton of vitamins making this already healthy snack into a super food.

Add it to your breading.

Whenever you cook food with breading, like fish or chicken, add a sprinkling of hemp seeds to make the meal taste great and make it healthier too.

Add it to your smoothies. hemp smoothie

Do you drink smoothies? If you do, adding a little bit of hemp seeds will make this into a super healthy and delicious treat.

Add it to your baked goods.

Adding a teaspoon of hemp seeds to your cookies, brownies and other baked goods will make these sugary snacks just a little bit healthier.

As you can clearly see, these amazingly healthy little seeds can be used to transform almost any food or meal into a super food. This is how hemp seeds can transform you into a healthier person.

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