How I Like My Weed

Today I am going to talk about all the different ways you can do pot! I am actually super excited cause I just learned about cannabutter. This makes baking weed so much easier. I’ll explain exactly how to make it in a little bit.

First off, the smoke. This is by far the most common way that I do pot. It’s just sooo much easier. I am thinking about cutting back though cause I am pretty sure that the actual smoke itself is not good for you. If you want to smoke you have 4 options. You can roll a joint or a blunt and smoke it like a cigarette. A joint is made of regular rolling paper that can be bought in any tobacco shop. A blunt is made from a cigar. You just need to break open the cigar and replace the tobacco with pot. I personally like to use a pipe, it is simple and you don’t have to worry about it running out. I can grab my pipe and sit back and relax with no effort at all. Last but not least, the bong. A bong is a big device that uses water to clean the pot smoke. I never found these overly useful and the water is really nasty if it ever spill but some people swear by them.

My favorite way to do pot is by eating it. I will usually bake it into brownies, cake or cupcakes. This does take a little time though because you have to actually do some baking. :) I also don’t do this too often or I would weigh a lot more than I do. Remember when I mentioned cannabutter? Every single type of baking requires butter, cannabutter makes it easy to put the weed evenly into your food. All you need to do is melt a stick of butter and then dissolve some chopped up weed into it and put it in the fridge. When it comes out.. tada, cannabutter.

When I don’t feel like smoking or baking, I will take a little cannabutter and melt it into a cup of tea… I add a little honey and it makes a great weed laced drink. This is a nice way to do pot if you don’t want to smoke or bake. :) This is also great if you don’t want the smell everywhere… there are certain times when you just can’t smoke but still want to relax with a little pot.

Those are all of my fave ways to do pot, what are your?

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